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In a world where everyone's heart is an object and there's a strong societal pressure to dampen emotion, lonely Virtual Insurance broker Anabel (Anna Maguire) always follows her heart. 


At odds with this overly pragmatic society, and after a series of devastating emotional blows, she rips her heart from her chest and gives it to a man she's fallen for, the strangely unfeeling George (Hamza Haq). Unburdened by her unique yet cumbersome heart, Anabel finds life easier.


George, on the other hand, begins to feel everything, to the shock of his overbearing mother, Mona (Veena Sood). Anabel soon realizes she needs to get her heart back if she's going to survive.


With Love and a Major Organ was produced with regional production funding from Telefilm Canada, along with the Women In The Director's Chair Feature Film Award. The screenplay was inspired by the award-winning play of the same name, which toured North America to cities including Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. 


The film was supported in development through the Canadian Film Centre Director’s Lab, the Women In the Director’s Chair (WIDC) Story & Leadership Program and the Whistler Film Festival Screenwriters Lab. The project received additional development support from the Bell Media Harold Greenberg Fund and the CBC Films WIDC Talent Development Award.

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